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Thank you support for your help on the last question.

I am now trying out the macro feature. I have to make two recordings, but they haven’t played back for me.

1) I have 5 charts in a document. I select the first chart with my mouse. Then, using the “quick macro”, I press Ctrl+Shift+R, and record my actions. In this case it was to select right button click, select options, and then go into the dialogue boxes to deactivate (hide) the x-axis.
When I finished with the dialogue boxes, I stopped the recording.
I then selcted the second chart and pressed Ctrl+Shift+P to repeat the operation for it. This didn’t work.

2) All five of my charts are driven by an excel workbook which I have imported into my database. If I make changes to the variables in my workbook and press the update all button, my charts all update.
I want to record a macro that will increment the value in a cell of my excel workbook by 1, then “update all”, then export my document as a .jpg file. I want to use these images to make an animation.
I am being stumped at the first hurdle however as the macro recorder doesnt let me make a change the value of a cell in the excel workbook.

Any tips would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,