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Tathagata GhoseTathagata Ghose


Sorry to ask for basic info, but I couldn’t find this in the manual or help (I obviously didn’t use the correct terminology to search).

How does one refer to a time index or subscript of a signal in a rolling manner? By rolling, I mean that it is not enough that I can get the signal value at a certain fixed date (e.g. 1 Jan 1980).

My use of Flexpro is non-engineering related – it is in plotting economic data, mostly monthly.

1. E.g. if I need to plot a data series lagged 6-months, how would I do this? In other statistical programs, I would simply use
series (t-6). How would I write this in Flexpro?

2. I often need to calculate the % change of the data over the value from the same month a year ago [i.e. series (t)/series(t-12)]. How would I write this in Flexpro?

Once again, all I need to know is how to refer to the time subscript in a rolling manner. I can do the rest.

Thanks in advance