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Adrian GiurcaAdrian Giurca

You can still use the ReadTextFile even if it is deprecated.

Remark from ReadTextData Help:

If a file is imported using the Text Data Import Wizard, then it is possible to save the schema with the settings in the template database. In this case, the alias name can be used to access the settings. If the settings are not stored as a schema, you can also pass the settings directly in the form of an XML string of the function. You can save a stored schema in an XML file in the Organizer dialog box. You can also directly access this type of XML file in ReadTextData. If an entry in the file cannot be interpreted as a number, then a void floating point value is entered at the corresponding location in the result.

1. You can manually import the file as links and to inspect the created formulas since the configuration is now much more powerful and has to be done as an XML excerpt.

2.Using Import Schema

Using the Import Wizard(Text Files (Wizard)(*.*)) you will import your file. At step 4 you will check the “Save import schema”.
Lets say you imported your file and saved the schema as “Current5_Schema”

You can use now the new function ReadTextData as follows:

Dim filePath = "D:\\Tmp\\Current5.csv"
Dim schema = "Text - Current5_Schema"

//ReadTextFile(filePath, 4n, 0n, 5n, 5n, False, TYPE_FLOATINGPOINT64, False, ";", True)
//converted to
ReadTextData(filePath, schema, 5)