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I am working to analyze 4-5 physiologic signals recorded over several hours at 100 hz (a lot of data.) I need to display all the signals and scroll through them. I usually like to see 30 sec of data per page. I’m having a hard time deciding whether to use a 2-d diagram or a worksheet. I’ll present what I think are the advantages and disadvantages of each. I can code the missing features for each option, but I want to start off with the right decision:


Scrolling features built in
Can activate the signal I am most interested in analyzing

Can’t easily save a snapshot of the screen as a 2-d graph for presentation purposes (easiest to print it to a .PDF, but then limited ability to edit it after)
Changes made to one pane don’t reliable affect all panes – for example if I manually change the scaling of the x axis on the top pane, the other panes don’t change as well (even if zoom in sync is set)

2-D Diagram:

All panes properly sync’d
Can easily save a snapshot for presentation

No scrolling built in – would have to create macros to navigate through the signal

Any suggestions?