FlexPro 2017 – Maintenance Release 11.0.8


FlexPro now with Considerably Enhanced Text Import and as Chinese Version

In FlexPro 2017 Version 11.0.8 the import of text data has been considerably enhanced and improved:

  • Columns in text files that contain only one value are no longer read as a scalar value, but rather as a data series with one value.
  • The physical unit of the data can be read even if it is not noted in the header but behind each value instead.
  • Date and time values with microseconds in a separate column can now be read.
  • Supports date and time formats with a preceding time value. For example: "h m s Y M D" or "h m Y M D".

New and enhanced import filters:

  • FlexPro can now also import data from HBM Test Manager software TST files.
  • The LabVIEW interface from FlexPro now also supports NI LabVIEW 2017 (x86 and x64).
  • New import filter for MSR3 files from MSR Electronics of Switzerland.
  • The Sefram file import filter now also supports the DAS240 device.
  • The import filter for NEC RA2000 files could not read in some files correctly.
  • Astro-Med DCR files with reduced sampling rate channels could not be imported correctly in FlexPro.

Apart from the above a number of bug fixes and many more minor improvements have been made. Weisang recommends the update to FlexPro 2017 version 11.0.8 to all of its customers.

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