FlexPro 2017 – Maintenance Release 11.0.13


With new import filters and higher performance, a whole series of new features have been implemented in FlexPro 2017 release 11.0.13. To FlexPro users with subscription or maintenance contract these enhancements are available at no additional cost.

New features and improvements

  • The map display now also supports single values and complex GPS coordinates.
  • Creating lists in FPScript now also works if the data sets from different folders have the same name.
  • The FPScript function ArcTan2 can now also process lists.
  • The performance of the project database has been optimized for folders with many objects.
  • The "Dynamic axes and curves" option of the Diagram Wizard now also works if the data is not available as a list.
  • The "Register" dialog box now displays a hyperlink to Weisang's Privacy Statement.
  • If a calculation returns an error during indexing of external data, it is now recorded in the log file, if one has been set up.
  • The data query now returns the values of calculations with units if the units of the queried calculations match.
  • The data query now also offers object types for selection for the "Object type" search criterion that are not currently present in the index.

New and enhanced filters

  • New data import for AVL IFile files.
  • FlexPro now supports Dewetron DMD files of version 2.6.
  • The import filter for Dewetron files now supports data from Oxygen 3.0.
  • The import filter for Dewesoft files now also supports data from Dewesoft X3.
  • The import filter for Yokogawa files now also supports data from the DL350 ScopeCorder.
  • The import filter of Tektronix files now also imports the timestamps of each frame in the file.
  • The import filter for HIOKI files now also supports data from MR6000, MR8827, MR8740 and MR8741 devices.
  • The import filter for MDF4 files now also supports data with "CN template" type elements.

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