FlexPro 2017 – Maintenance Release 11.0.12


Additional performance and more filters: With the new Service Release 11.0.12 of FlexPro 2017 Weisang has realized a whole package of enhancements and new features.

New features and improvements

  • The FlexPro project database format has been improved so that importing and storing a large number of small data sets is now significantly faster (up to a factor of 10).
  • Indexing performance has been significantly improved by various optimizations.
  • A security update in Windows 10 Build 1709 introduced a bug in Windows that slowed down the image layout of the FlexPro user interface. This issue has been resolved by corrective actions.
  • The 64-bit version of FlexPro can now also process data sets larger than 4 GB in the main memory.
  • The ribbon user interface of FlexPro can now be automated. An example AddIn that extends the UI is included as a C ++ and C # variant in the FlexPro setup.

New and enhanced filters

  • New import filter for HBM MGCplus MEA-files.
  • New import filter for Topografix GPX-files.
  • The import filter for Graphtec files now also supports the GL2000 and GL980 devices.
  • The import filter for Head Acoustics HDF files now supports the 24-bit data format.

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