What's New in FlexPro 2019

Let FlexPro 2019 do the job for you!

The new FlexPro 2019 relieves you of time-consuming routine work. FlexPro filters and analyzes your data during import and automatically embeds individual results of a series measurement into the final report.

See what the latest version of FlexPro can do for you:


Multilingual User Interface with Data Preview

Change the language of the user interface at any time without having to run the FlexPro setup program.

The new data preview displays the currently selected data. You can use the data cursors to measure the data without having to create a chart first.

With the data preview you can check your measurement data and calculation results quickly and easily.


Data Import with Automatic Channel Selection and Analysis

With the new channel selection filters you can automate the channel selection during data import.

Define FPScript code that postprocesses the imported data before it is stored as data sets.

When importing data, select an analysis template that is to be applied to the data.


Intelligent Data Import for Excel Files

With the new Excel Data Import Wizard, you can import Excel files without having to have Excel installed on your computer.
  • XLS and XLSX file support
  • Reading data arranged in rows
  • Reading parameters from the data header
  • Time zone and language support for decoding date values
  • Postprocessing of imported data
  • XML-based import schemes
  • Share import schemes with colleagues
FlexPro automatically recognizes names, units and data in the Excel file.


Office Level Reporting

With FlexPro 2019, you can get your results into impressive shape.

  • Equip large reports with tables of contents and figures.
  • Customize paper size, headers, and footers for document sections.
  • Embed individual reports automatically into a final report.
  • Insert dynamic, multi-page diagrams and tables.
The number of pages and table of contents of a report are automatically adjusted when you import a new measurement.


More Analysis Methods

  • Select one of three algorithms to calculate the upper and lower envelopes of a signal.
  • Use the new trend correction to remove offsets and trends from signals.
  • Use circle approximation as a powerful tool for analyzing roundness (FlexPro Professional).
  • Calculate the loudness of sound signals in accordance with standards (Acoustics option).
The circle approximation is a powerful tool for analyzing roundness.

New in FlexPro 2019 – the Most Important Features at a Glance:

  • Data Import with Automatic Channel Selection and Analysis
  • Import and export of Microsoft Excel files
  • Document collection for embedding individual reports in a final report
  • Reports with tables of contents and figures
  • Document sections with individual paper formats and headers
  • PDF export
  • Cross-channel calculations during data indexing
  • Data preview with cursor and zoom option
  • New analyses for envelopes, trend correction, circle approximation and loudness
  • Selectable display and help language

FlexPro 2019 Offers Even More:

  • Fast fade-out and fade-in of curves when using the cursors
  • Flexible data header for data export in text or Excel format
  • New import filter for the file formats BLF, ASC and DBC from Vector Informatik
  • Improved integration and derivation of noisy signals
  • Event isolation from 2D data sets
  • Blockwise and sliding calculation of dispersions and moments
  • 2D index in FPScript for extracting scatter data from 2D data sets
  • Over 20 new FPScript functions and a multitude of enhancements to existing functions
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