FlexPro Digital Filter analysis option

Discover the latest design techniques for easiest operation. The FlexPro Analysis Wizard merges steps for filter design, filtering and presentation into a simple sequential process. Using real-time 2D and 3D graphics, FlexPro offers you immediate visual feedback whenever any change is made to the filter specification.

  • Enhanced IIR filters
    IIR filters include internal feedback (recursive filters) and provide a high degree of steepness with a short filter length, making it possible to design low pass, high pass, bandpass and bandstop filters.
  • FIR filter design
    FIR filters avoid feedback and are therefore always stable. FlexPro offers you two procedures for calculating phase-linear filters with a minimum filter length.


  • FIR filter design using the window method
    Use the Kaiser or Chebyshev windows to specify the filter's length, attenuation and transition width more precisely. You only have to provide two parameters. The third parameter is calculated automatically.
  • FIR filter design using the equiripple method
    In addition to the standard low pass, high pass, bandpass and bandstop filters, you can use this method to design any type of multiband filter.
  • Smoothing filter
    Use this filter to smooth signals whose peaks are to be preserved as accurately as possible.
  • CFC filter
    CFC stands for Channel Frequency Class, a 4-pole phaseless Butterworth filter used primarily for crash tests and implemented in accordance with ISO 6487.
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