Fatigue Testing with FlexPro: Counting Procedures

Counting procedures like the Rainflow counting procedure have proved to be an invaluable analysis tool in fatigue testing applications. Counting is based on a search for specific events in the load-time function, e.g. a certain load level being exceeded or a load alternation of a certain amplitude. For this purpose, the range of values of the load-time function is divided into discrete intervals, or classes. Each event found is assigned to a class and counted in this class.


  • Matrices
    Markov matrix and Rainflow matrix in range-mean format as well as symmetrical and asymmetrical from/to format. The residual of the rainflow count can optionally be included in the result.
  • Range filter
    Suppresses small load changes.
  • Class divisions
    Automatic, via start and width of class, begin and end, symmetrical or via external data set.
  • Derived collectives
    Peaks and troughs, positive and negative ranges and range pairs, positive and negative level crossings.
  • Frequencies
    Absolute, relative, percentage and cumulative.
  • Counting procedures according to DIN 45667
    Sampling, maximum value and time-at-level.
  • Compound counting procedures according to DIN 45667
    Sampling, maximum value and time-at-level from two input data sets with separate class division for each data set.
Rainflow Count
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