FlexPro Advanced Statistics analysis option

The Advanced Statistics option offers you a variety of statistical tests and the ability to calculate theoretical distributions. The inductive statistics testing and estimating procedures offer the possibility through the use of samples to classify the population from which these samples originate. An important application for inductive statistics is Statistical Process Control (SPC).


  • Goodness-of-fit tests
    Chi-Square test with adjustable number of classes and Kolmogoroff-Smirnov test for normal and exponential distribution. The error probability can always be adjusted. The parameters for the distributions can be estimated or specified.
  • Outlier correction and outlier test
    David-Hartley-Pearson test und Grubbs-Beck test with adjustable error probability.
    Square Sum Of Treatments and Mean Square Sum Of Treatments (SST and MST), Square Sum Of Errors (SSE), Mean Square Sum Of Errors (MSE), Total Square Sum (TSS). The error probability can be specified.
  • Variance tests
    Bartlett test and F test with adjustable error probability
  • Distributions
    Continuous distributions: normal, log-normal, exponential and Weibull.
    Test distributions: chi-square, student-t and F.
    Discrete distributions: Binomial and Poisson.
  • Confidence intervals
    For the variance and mean value parameters of the normal distribution for a given confidence level.
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