FlexPro Acoustics analysis option

Determine the sound level and sound power in one easy, automatic step. Analyze multiple channels of sound signals and their sound level at the same time and calculate the sound power. FlexPro's Analysis Wizard presents the results in tables and diagrams while you are parameterizing the analysis.
Acoustic analysis has never been this easy!

Calibrations made easy

Calibration must be performed to obtain accurate sound levels. You may either specify a fixed calibration value or let FlexPro calculate the calibration value from a calibration signal recorded with the calibrator attached to the microphone.

You can carry out automatic calibration by attaching a calibrator to the microphone prior to the measurement for a few seconds and then continuing with your measurement.


  • Accurate time domain octave analysis
    Octave analysis via time domain filters is required for most acoustics applications. Simply use FlexPro's Analysis Wizard to select the frequency resolution and frequency domain. With a few mouse clicks the wizard produces a complete evaluation.
  • Loudness and loudness level
    The perceived loudness is a psychoacoustic factor and depends not only on the sound pressure level, but also on the frequency spectrum and time response. FlexPro assists you when applying the Zwicker and Stevens standards.

FlexPro includes standardized acoustic methods:

  • Sound power computation
  • Sound level evaluation
  • Loudness computation
  • NEW: Sharpness
  • Octave analysis using time domain filters
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