Organizing Presentation and Document Templates


Use the Organizer dialog box to delete presentation or document templates or to copy templates from one data base to another.

Opening the Organizer dialog box and selecting the template type

1.Click File > Info > Organizer.

2.In the Organizer dialog box, click on the Templates tab.

3.In the Template type list box select one of the following template types: Document, Diagram, Cell Table, Column Table, Cell table or Text.

Opening the current project database or a template database for organization

Choose a template database in one of the Items available in list boxes.

Opening a shared template database or any other database for organization

1.Click on one of the Close Project Database buttons to close the database currently displayed in the list.

2.Click on Open Project Database and select any project database on your hard disk or on the network.

Copying templates from one project database to another

1.Select the templates you would like to copy.

2.Click Copy.

Deleting templates from a project database

1.Select the template that you would like to delete.

2.Click Delete.

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