Resizing Graphics


Under View[Zoom] > Zoom you can select a display size between 25% and 200%. You can also set the display size to 100% by clicking View[Zoom] > 100%.

Alternatively, you can change the display size using the mouse by turning the mouse wheel while holding down the CTRL key.

You can also set the display size is automatically so that the document remains completely visible in the window. To do this, use the command View[Zoom] > Fit to Window. Select Document Tools/Design[View] > Magnifier to display any section close up. Simply drag a rectangle to enclose the section.

A grid can be displayed in the background to make aligning objects easier. You can activate or deactivate the grid under Document Tools/Design[View] > Show Grid. You can set the grid spacing and the width of the margins under Document Tools/Design[Page Setup].

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