Labeling Diagrams, Tables and Pictures


1.Click on the diagram, table, picture or embedded OLE object that you want to label.

2.Now right-click with the mouse to open the context menu and select Insert Caption.

3.In the Edit Text dialog box that appears, enter the caption text without numbering it.

4.In the Level field specify the caption category, if applicable.

5.In the Format field you can adjust the numbering format. For example, you can set alphabetical or to Roman numeral numbering by changing the formatter of the field %<N>.

6.If you do not want the numbering to continue where it left off, and would instead like to restart numbering, select the option Restart numbering with and enter the start value.

7.Click OK to close the dialog box.

Note:   FlexPro numbers the text boxes declared as captions in the document in the order in which you have inserted them. The position on the page is ignored in this case. Therefore, to place a caption in front of another caption, you cannot simply place this one above the other. You would need to send it further to the back.

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