2D and 3D Diagrams


You can use diagrams to make attractive and expressive presentations of data and results of calculations. FlexPro offers a wide variety of diagram types. These are the result of the flexible structure of just two objects: the 2D diagram and the 3D diagram.

The 2D diagram presents data in a rectangular two-dimensional plane, while the 3D diagram presents the data in a cube projected onto the plane. The 2D diagram is especially ideal for presenting signals and data series, and the 3D diagram is ideal for presenting signal series, data matrices and space curves. The diagram plane, i.e. the rectangular area in which the curves are displayed, is surrounded by a border in which the axis labels and the legend are displayed. The size of the border area can be adjusted.

For each data set that you want to display in a diagram, you have to add a curve to the diagram. This refers to the data and determines how the data is to be displayed. The variety of optional diagram types is the result of the large range of optional display formats coupled with their ability to be combined. For the curve of a 2D diagram, you can, for instance, combine any of the following display formats: connection line, symbols, error indicators, labeling, columns/bars, and fill.

Diagrams consist of the following elements, which are explained in the subsequent sections: axis, grid, curve, legend and color legend.

You can set the style of diagrams using the Diagram style and Color palette on the first page of the wizard. These attributes then control all style elements in the diagram that are set to Automatic. If you set a color on a data set Format tab, then this color is used instead of the corresponding color scheme when the data set is displayed in a diagram. However, to do this, the option Use colors of data sets must be selected on the Style page of the diagram.

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Working with Diagrams

Creating a Diagram

Changing the Diagram Style, Color and Background

Resizing the Diagram Borders and Plane

Adding or Deleting a Label

Aligning the Label

Enabling and Disabling Automatic Margin Correction

Changing the Background Color of the Diagram's Plane

Toggling Grid Elements On and Off

Designing Grid Elements

Positioning the Color Legend of a 3D Diagram

Splitting a 2D Diagram into Multiple Pages

Navigating Multi-Page 2D Diagrams

Changing the 3D Diagram Viewing Angle

Changing the 3D Diagram Lighting Parameters

Embedding Pictures

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