Adding an X or Z component


1.In the name row of the data view or in the Object List, select the data sets to which you want to add a component.

2.Click Data Tools/Design[Data Set Layout] > Insert Data Set Element and select the desired component.

3.In the dialog box that now appears, choose whether the additional data component is to be added As separate data series or if it is to be included in the selected data sets.

4.Now add comments and the unit for the component and choose its data type.

5.Use the fields Starting value and Increment to set the linearly increasing or decreasing data for the new data series.

Note: If you use the command in data view and the option As separate data series is not enabled, then the data sets to which you have added a component will no longer appear in data view. Data sets with an aggregate data structure cannot be displayed in data view.

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