Hiding Curves

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Hiding Curves

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Hiding Curves

Using the Properties dialog box:

1.If the diagram is in a document or a worksheet, double-click on the diagram to open it.

2.Double-click on the diagram, but not on the curve.

3.In the diagram properties dialog box that appears, click on the Curves tab.

4.In the Visible column of the Curves list, remove the checkmark from all curves that you want to hide.

Note:   You should use the Delete Curve button to remove curves from the list that you want to hide permanently.

Using the Properties window:

1.Select a curve by clicking on the curve itself or on its axis label. You can select several curves at the same time by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on them. Select all diagram curves by holding down the ALT key.

2.In the Properties window under Visible, select False.

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