Displaying an Axis with Customized Scaling


FlexPro can label the divisions of an axis with values that can be calculated using a function. This allows you to develop your own scaling. The following example shows how you can display a square characteristic curve as linearized, for instance. The characteristic curve is linearized using its inverse function, in this example the square root function, and displayed in a linearly scaled diagram. The Y axis of the diagram is labeled using the square function.

Do the following:

1.Create an FPScript function called Linearized that allows you to linearize the data set with the characteristic curve. The formula must contain the following:

Arguments x


2.Use the mouse to drag the CharacteristicCurve data set onto this formula in order to obtain the linearized characteristic curve as new formula called CharacteristicCurveLinearized.

3.Create an FPScript function called Parabola used to square the division labels of the Y axis:

Arguments x


4.Select the formula CharacteristicCurveLinearized and call up the Diagram Wizard to create a linearly scaled 2D diagram. The characteristic curve is to be displayed as a straight line. The divisions of the Y axis, however, still correspond to the linearized values.

5.Double-click on the division label of the Y axis to open the Division Labeling tab.

6.Check the option Division labeling using a data series, signal or function.

7.Check the option Also for data labels, markers and in the coordinates window to make sure that the transformation will also be used there.

8.Enter the function Parabola into the field for the data set.

9.After you have exited the dialog box by clicking on OK, the squared values will be displayed on the Y axis.

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