Changing the Division Label Format


To change the formatting of all values of an axis division label, do the following:

1.Double-click on any division label with a format that you would like to change.

2.Click on the button on the right side of the Format input field to adjust the formatter.

3.Select the desired format.

Using the Properties window, you can set formatting for several axes at once:

1.If you do not already see the Properties window, select View[Task Windows] > Show > Properties.

2.Select the division labels for several axes whose formatting you would like to change by clicking on these while holding down the CTRL key. Select all diagram division labels by holding down the ALT key.

3.Now click in the Format input field of the Properties window and then click on the button that appears to the right of the field.

4.Select the desired format.

Note:   The formatting applies to all of the division labels for the selected axes.

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