Displaying the X Axes of a 2D Diagram Side By Side


FlexPro cannot stack X axes of a diagram like it can Y axes, but you can obtain the same effect by doing the following:

1.If the diagram does not have two X axes, first add an axis.

2.Double-click on the diagram's first X axis.

3.In the axis Properties dialog box, click on the Position tab.

4.In the Start of axis field, enter 0% and in the End of axis field, enter 50%.

5.Click on OK to close the dialog box.

6.Double-click on the second axis and switch again to the Position tab.

7.In the Position field, select the same position that you used for the first axis .

8.In the Spacing to the previous axis field, enter 0.

9.In the Start of axis field, enter 50% and in the End of axis field, enter 100%.

10.Switch to the Appearance tab and make sure that the option Account for this axis when drawing the grid is checked.

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