Searching for Instance Elements in an ASAM ODS Data Source


You can search for specific instance elements and display the search result as a separate tree in the ASAM ODS Data Source window.

1.On the toolbar of the ASAM ODS Data Source window, choose Search or click Search in the context menu.

2.Enter a name for the search filter in the combo box or select an existing search filter.

3.In the list box, select the type (application element) to search for. The result is a list of all instance elements that originate from the selected application element and that fulfill the defined search conditions.

4.Define one or more search conditions. If several search conditions are defined, you can logically link the search conditions. You can influence the priority of the logical links by setting parentheses. If no parentheses are set, the conditions are linked one after the other (the first two results are linked, the result is linked to the third condition, and so on).

5.Click the Save Search Filter button if you want to save the search filter. Since the search filter depends on the application model, the search filter depends on the active ASAM ODS data source.

6.Click the Find button. The result is displayed in the ASAM ODS tree as a new node.

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