Analysis Objects


FlexPro offers you special analysis objects for all common analyses. These are FPScript formulas that FlexPro automatically creates. You can set the parameters for the analysis object using its Properties dialog box. The formula will then be adjusted automatically. Analysis objects thus offer automated analyses without any programming.

In addition to simple parameterization, many analysis objects can automatically generate the physical units and comments for their results. You can transform analysis objects into data sets or formulas at any time.

In the Reference section, you will find an alphabetical list of the available analysis objects.

Note:   In FlexPro View only a small set of analysis objects for basic statistics is available.

Analyzing several data sets

For multichannel analyses, the same calculations are used for multiple channels. In this case, FlexPro can create one analysis object for all output data sets or an analysis object for each output dataset.

If you create only one analysis object, it will provide all calculated data sets as a list. The advantage of this is that you only have to parameterize one object and an analysis with a better structure. This option is also particularly useful if all channels need to be processed in the same format, such as when filtering, integrating and displaying 16 channels.

If you decide to create one analysis object per output data set, you can parameterize each analysis individually, and it will be easier to select individual results for further processing.

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